Retrotec 5100 Blower Door System w/new DM32X Controller


  • Model 5000 Fan, 120 V (North America)
    • Power: 120V@60hz/11A
    • Recommended Fan Calibration Interval: 5 years
  • New DM32X WiFi Digital Gauge
    • 5.5″ 1080P OLED display with Gorilla Glass capacitive multi-touch
    • A thinner, more ergonomic shell design
    • Real-time graphic display of pressure readings over time.  Taking pressure points is one thing, being able to see what’s happening tells you a more accurate story
    • Multiple data logging options
    • Digital Signal Processing (DSP) improves pressure reading stability
    • Fast 3A charging & data transfer on USB-C Long range (10m) Bluetooth® connectivity
    • Built-in testing and training apps.  Run rCloud auto testing software natively
    • Embedded & online manuals, videos, & resources
    • Operate and read competing fans
    • Photorealistic images of all devices and ranges
  • Smart Cloth, Aluminum Frame, Red Anodized
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