NRCan Registration Prep Package


We have partnered with NRGwise Consulting to deliver this program.

Once you have passed both of your NRCan exams, this course will take you the final mile towards registration as an energy advisor with NRCan. The course includes:

  • Field Training (Virtual Class – online):
    • View hands on instruction on use of the blower door
    • Walk through how to model and D and E file in HOT2000
    • Review of the entire process from onsite to submitting your files for processing by a Service Organization.
    • Review of general administrative procedures
  • Field Mentoring (Job Shadowing):
    • Attend at least two onsite energy assessments with experienced energy advisors.
  • Practice Files:
    • Once you have your equipment, complete 3 practice files. We recommend assessing your house and then two more for family and friends. Pick situations where you are not under pressure, so that you can take your time to hone your skills.
    • Submit your files for Instructor review. Detail feedback will be provided until your file is in a condition that will be accepted by NRCan.
  • Registration:
    • Once you have completed the above required 7 energy assessments, NRGwise will submit to NRCan for your registration as an Energy Advisor.